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Dear Affiliate,

The Online Loopholes affiliate program offers you a unique opportunity to get paid for referring people to our website. By spreading the word about us, you will be helping other people make money in these desperate times and you will get paid for it!

Some key benefits of joining today include:

  • Massive 50% Commission
  • Converts your visitors to sales like crazy! It is a genuine money loophole
  • Loads of great promotional material to help you make even more money


Why Promote Online Loopholes?

1.) To Help fellow Joe's and Jane's beat the large company bookmakers. This is a genuine money making loopholes that won't be around forever. Maximise on this window of opportunity by getting paid to help other people make money.

2.) Sky High Conversion Rates. Everyone wants to make money without risk for little effort! By sending anyone to our website, they have a good chance of purchasing. Note that if you have a mailing list or website with sports betting, gambling or business opportunity seekers then you will make a killing by referring them to us.

3.) Excellent Promotional Material and Super Affiliate Tricks Given to You for Free. Feel free to expand your knowledge by looking through this page to see how many ways there are to promote us. This information has been collected over years from all around the web and put on here for you.


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How Do I Join?

You can Start Earning Today... for Free!

Step 1. Setting up your account:

To get started you'll need a Clickbank account. Clickbank is my merchant provider who accepts credit and debit cards. Online Loopholes is a product priced in £, so please just send UK visitors.

You'll need a Clickbank ID. If you don't have a Clickbank ID, Click Here to sign up! It takes about 1 minute and it's FREE! Once you have a Clickbank ID (Username), send your visitors to: Just replace "CLICKBANKID" with YOUR Clickbank ID (Username) and get paid 50% of every sale that you refer to the website.

For example, if your Clickbank ID is YourClickBankID, then you will advertise this link: That link will redirect the visitor to


How can I refer people to this website?

Many, many, many different ways! You can place your link where ever you like, here are just just 20 ideas that could help you make your first quick 20+ sales:


1. Chat forums
6. Press releases
11. Racing Tracks
16. Business cards
2. Dating sites
7. Bulletin boards
12. Betting Shops
17. Mailing lists
8. Classified Ads
13. Friends/Family
18. Mobile texting
4. Blogs
9. Free advertising
14. Work colleagues
19. Pubs/Beer mats
5. Your website
10. Email lists
15. Radio
20. Posters/Leaflets


Please see Below for more detailed ways to explode your affiliate sales!


Email Friends, Mailing Lists and Facebook Friends

Email your friends or anyone you know who may be interested in making a ton of extra money using our system. Also, if you own an email list of newsletter subscribers or other people who have opted in to receive email offers from you, send them an email about the system. Include your affiliate link at the end of the email.

Your ClickBank ID:

Your Name:

Email Swipe 1


Main Email Body:


Email Swipe 2


Main Email Body:


Email Swipe 3


Main Email Body:


Click Here to see the above emails in a full sized new window. These have been used by previous affiliates to create an instant wave of sales: (Why not use these for your autoresponder series to create a constant traffic flow?)

* Sign up to our affiliate newsletter for Lesson 1 which provides more information on email marketing, including hiring targeted email lists to advertise to.


Facebook, MySpace, Yahoo Groups and
Mobile Phone Texts

Do you already use any of the above? Affiliates/Entrepreneurs sometimes ignore what they already have. You have spent your life devloping relationships with friends and family... tell them about this and earn money! Don't feel bad, you are giving them the chance make money. You are helping them beat the credit crunch!

Hire The BestHow to get 336,000 MySpace friend requests for Only $168.00!


Outsourcing, Leveraging and Paying Someone
Peanuts to Work for YOU

What's the difference between someone hugely successful and slightly successful? Super-affiliates and normal affiliates? One Word.... Leverage.

Use Outsourcing to leverage your success. You have the potential inside you to be a hugely successful entrepreneur and should focus on planning your marketing campaign. Pay other people from about just $2.50 an hour to do your grunt work. Whether it be:

  • Research
  • Bookmarking and Social Networking Sites
  • Article writing/Submission
  • Blog posting/Creation
  • Joining Forums - Then posting and messaging on them
  • Classifed Ad Posting
  • Website Development
  • ...

Hire The Best

Take your time and read the examples below. Pick one... outsource it. Repeat as necessary... It really is that simple! We cannot recommend elance highly enough.


Digg, Stumble Upon and BookMarking Sites

Have you heard of any of the above? Social Bookmarking is a great way to get people to our site. Go to to get a taste for one of the biggest ones.


3 Static + 5 Animated Banner Ads

Put our banners on your website or use banner exchanges to bring in traffic.

By putting your clickbank ID in the the box below and clicking, you will automatically add your clickbank ID into all of the banner html code below. This way you can effortlessly copy and paste the banner code and use it, with your clickbank ID already encoded in them all!

Your ClickBank ID:









Write Your Own Review or Use Article
Templates and Post to Article Sites

Write a review of the online loopholes system, letting others know how incredibly well it works. Include your affiliate link at the end of the review. Post your review to your own website, and/or on free article submission sites, such as:

26 Article Submission Sites

Go Articles
Articles Base
Article City
Article Biz
Free Articles
Find Free Article
Article Set
Get My Articles
Article Avenue
Article Click
Article Geek
Article Maniac

Ezine Articles
Search Warp
Article Dash Board
Article Alley
Articles Base Camp
Lay The Odds
Suite 101
Sky Blue Kangaroo
Punters Realm
Article Wheel



Blogs - Make Your Own or Post on Others

Make your own blog if you haven't already. Go to to get started! Then Use to let everyone know you've made or updated your blog!

Promote us via your affiliate link on other people's blogs. We have researched a whole bunch of blogs that are interested in making money. The kind of blogs you want to focus on are business opportunity ones, betting ones or any type of money making ones:.

Click below to see them all:


Forums - Promote Us Directly On Forums or Message People On Forums Who Are Interested In Making Money!

Do you already post on a forum? If so, then great! Why not add a link to your signature to promote us? This way, every single time that you make a post on your forum, you are increasing the chance of making more commissions.

Or Join Forums that are related to money making or betting and start getting involved! Get involved in conversations and promote us subtely in your posts or add us to your signature.

You can also message people on forums and tell them about us, allowing you to spread the word and increase your commissions!


Classified Ads

You advertise for free on some classified ads. Here are a few to get you started:


10 Free Classified Ads Sites

Ad Trader
Gum Tree
Net Trader

UK FreeAds Net
Viva Street
Free UK Classifieds
Any Ads
Classified Ads


Press Releases

Post a press release once every few weeks at and similar sites, in which you include your favorable review of Online Loopholes, along with your affiliate link. If you pay them $80, they will guarantee that your press release is picked up by all major search engines, potentially sending you thousands of visitors.


Video Testimonials - YouTube, TubeMogal and Many More

Free Advertising! Do a video of yourself saying how great our system is and post it to a video sharing site. If you make a good video testimonial, let us know at and we will potentially use it for our marketing to send visitors here via your affiliate link!


If you’re truly serious about gaining income as an affiliate, and have $30 to spare, I strongly recommend Confessions of a Lazy Super-Affiliate - it's one of the best guides I've ever read on affiliate marketing, and will certainly come in handy as you learn how to effectively promote


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