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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why not just open an account, get the opening offer and withdraw it?

You cannot simply withdraw the opening offers, think of them as vouchers. They must be bet once before you can withdraw them. This is why we must place bets using the online loopholes system to transfer them into money without you having to risk anything.

Take for example a free £10 book voucher. Ask yourself, if a famous online bookstore (eg amazon) were to offer you £38,000 worth of free book vouchers would you take them? Of course you would! But unless you really like reading, you might want to exchange these for money. You have to think outside the box.

  • You could (for example) exchange these vouchers for £38,000 worth of books, then sell them on eBay to get about £30,000 real money (depending on what people are willing to pay).

This is exactly what we are doing.

To convert betting vouchers to cash, you must bet with them. But as you might lose when placing one bet, we developed this system to allow you to cover all possibilities of any event in a way that you return the same amount whatever the outcome. This way, you convert the voucher into real money.

  • Our software performs an in-depth calculation, that will show you how much to bet on each outcome of any event to return exactly the same amount. You simply tap in the odds and it tells you how much to bet and how much you will profit.
* Using our premium email service, you will get emails telling you exactly how much to bet, on what event and what bookmaker. You literally just open the email, follow our instructions and make money!

2. I have never bet before, does this matter?

No! We have developed the starter pack and beginners guide for the absolute newbie in mind. Its our own "Betting for Dummies" guide. If you have never bet online before, you are actually in the best possible position.

Why? Because you still have every single new account offer to convert into money. Our friendly support team is available 24/7 via email to help you on any questions you might have. We want to help you take money from the bookmakers!


3. Will I genuinely win every time that I use this system?

Yes. If you follow our system exactly how we tell you, you will always win.


4. Why isn't everyone doing this?

Excellent question. We believe there are 2 main reasons for this:

Reason 1
There are currently over 80,000,000 websites (domains) on the internet. The chance of you stumbling on this 1 site is statistically slim to none. So the vast majority of the general public will not get the chance to ever see such an opportunity.

Reason 2
A percent of people that find this website will find ways to convince themselves that this is not a genuine opportunity. This is due to a term called "conditioning". Throughout life, we are conditioned to believe that if an opportunity is to good to be true, then it probably isnt true. This is generally how the "9-5 for life" people think.

This is not a bad thing for those of you who go on to use this system. Because if too many people were to take advantage of this loophole, it would soon seize to exist!

  • The best advice for those that choose to not try our system is to read "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" to discover for yourself that there are genuine (and much better) ways to earn money other than full time employment.


5. Can this system only be used on football, horse racing and tennis?

No. This system can be used on any event that you can place bets online with. You may choose to bet on football, basketball, horse racing, tennis, big brother, politics, weather, ice hockey... the list goes on.


6. So how do I know how much to bet on each event to return exactly the same profit?

Leave this to us. Our software has been developed by an expert mathematician and programmer, so that you simply type in the odds and it tells you how much to bet to profit the same amount.


7. Do I need loads of money to use this system - How big does my "Bankroll" need to be?

The more the better, but we advise you to have a bankroll of at least £50 (Or your home curency equivalent) to get started.


8. Do the online bookmakers know about this system?

No. If they did, this site would probably be put under a lot of pressure to shut down. When you purchase, you must agree to never disclose this information to any online or offline bookmaker.


9. Is this system legal?

Absolutely! This is 100% legal, its perfectly ethical too. We are simply being very, very clever and beating the bookmakers at their own game. They are happy to keep taking money from us, so this is your chance to take some back off of them!


10. Does it Matter Where I Live in the World?

The general answer is no. Please check local betting rules and whether or not you can sign up accounts with online bookmakers and place bets from where you are from. This system does work best if you are from the UK, Europe, Australia and any countries that let you bet online. If you are unsure please feel free to buy today and if you are unhappy in away, simply ask for a full no questions asked refund.





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